What is GQLPlus?

GQLPlus is a drop-in replacement for sqlplus, an Oracle SQL client, for UNIX and UNIX-like platforms. The difference between GQLPlus and sqlplus is command-line editing and history, plus table-name and column-name completion.
As you know if you have used sqlplus, it is notoriously difficult to correct typing errors and other mistakes in your SQL statements. sqlplus does give you ability to use external editor to edit a statement, but only the last statement you typed. GQLPlus solves this problem by providing the familiar command-line editing and history as in tcsh or bash shells, and table/column-name completion, while otherwise retaining compatibility with sqlplus. Thus, no user training is needed - simply use GQLPlus instead of sqlplus. In addition, configuration/installation is trivial: GQLPlus is a single binary compiled executable (written in C), so all you need to do is download it and put it anywhere in your PATH. After that, you'll be ready to use it. GQLPlus is also available in RPM and DEB formats.

How does GQLPlus differ from other sqlplus front-end programs?

There are a number of other sqlplus front-end programs which include this functionality. They, however, require some user training, and may not be as easy to install (requiring particular version of Perl, and/or particular set of Perl modules, and/or configuration files). In contrast, the design goal of GQLPlus was to remain as close as possible to sqlplus, with the addition of command-line editing and table and column name completion. The command-line editing will be familiar to UNIX users since it works as in command-line shells. Additionally, there are no installation issues since the program is a single binary executable.

Downloading GQLPlus

Click here and you will be taken to SourceForge 'Summary' page for the GQLPlus project. Click 'Download gqlplus'. That takes you to the project 'Files' page. Select the version you would like to download (typically the latest one, which will already be highlighted) and the desired format [DEB, RPM or source tar.gz] click on it, and the download file dialog should pop-up within a few seconds. If it does not, click on 'Download' for the chosen mirror location and the download will start.

The current version of GQLPlus is 1.15. The corresponding MD5 checksum is:

d60e4768b3c065d52a19658d295e8fe8  gqlplus-1.15.tar.gz

GQLPlus accomplishes its functionality through the use of the GNU Readline library.

Who wrote GQLPlus?

GQLPlus was originally written by Ljubomir J. Buturovic of San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California. Can be reached at ljubomir@sfsu.edu.
GQLPlus is currently maintained by Jess Portnoy. Can be reached at kernel01@gmail.com.


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